Hi Jane 
I've just seen your photo of Herbert Crawshaw and I was immediately struck with the likeness between him and his mother with Edith (photo above) (look at Herbert's eyes and Ediths and his mothers mouth to Ediths). 

I have got the Aspects of Bradfield books and thought I would copy out all allusions to Crawshaws in case you haven’t seen them.
Miss Irene Crawshaw from Rocher Flat married Fred Dearden of Bents Farm. They acquired a small piece of land up Blindside Lane and built a bungalow in his spare time, getting and dressing all the foundation stone from large rocks on that piece of land.
During this time the family was living at Bents Farm with his family. They supplemented their living by making besoms from heather which was more common in those parts than traditional broom. These besoms would be delivered after a days work in small numbers at 6d (2and a half pence now) each. Fred with his sisters Mary and Harriet would on most Sundays walk twice daily to worship at Bradfield Church. 

Fred and Elizabeth Crawshaw were living at the Haychatter Inn in 1890 whilst the beerhouse was in the hands of Henry Wilson (1893-1896) listed. But his wife Mary Ann died there in1901 at the age of 64years and Henry died in 1904 at the age of 77years.[Henry and Mary Ann Wilson were my Great-Grandparents] 
In the early 1900’s a family of Crawshaws with five sons and five daughters lived at Doe House farm with 6 acres of land. Elizabeth Crawshaw was born on 17th of May 1910 at 4-50am at Doe House.
Mrs E Crawshaw Grocer and Farmer took goods to Sheffield each Saturday[1898]  
Mrs W Crawshaw was living at FairhouseFarm for some time up to 1979
Woodseats Farm was built in 1634 on the site of an older building by Robert Ward who came to the district from Almondbury which is in the Huddersfield area.
His daughter married Abraham Woodhead of Thong and the Woodhead family lived there until 1840.
In 1841 Woodseats farm was farmed by John Crawshaw and totalled 104 acres .In 1881 John's son Jonathon had inherited and the farm was now 106 acres. Wilkin Hill (14 acres) is now part of Woodseats.
The Shepherds family moved in to Woodseats about 1904 and lived there until about 1979 when David Robinson moved in.
In 1920 the large stone house had mullioned windows some of which were blocked out probably as a result of the window tax. There was a large family kitchen with wooden beams and a wooden seat under the window which seated 6 children at mealtimes. It had a stone staircase leading to the bedrooms. Outside were many farm buildings including a cruck barn in a fair condition. There were a hundred acres in a ring fence with more land rented at Thornsett, 210 acres in all. A mixed dairy herd 100 store lambs and three or four horses. 

Connie wrote:
It's nice to see the extra items on the Bolsterstone site, but I'm afraid you have put my Great-Grandfather James Charlesworth (born 1843 at Kirkburton), his wife Ann (born Hathersage), my Grandmother Mary Louise and her sisters and brothers on the Bradfield site when they lived at Hunshelf and have done for years. I notice you have got another Charlesworth family at Hunshelf who probably lived at Bradfield so they must have got mixed up. Yours Connie Goldring

This is one of the problems that turn up in family history. Where someone was born, where they say they were born and where other people say they were born. 
Can be quite confusing: for example: Connie's James, Mary and family below: 
In 1881 they were living in Horner Houses which was in the census enumeration district of Bradfield. So Bradfield is what appears on the 1881census info.
In 1891 The same area is listed as all of these: 
The administrative County or Yorkshire, West Riding
The Civil Parish of Hunshelf
The Urban Sanitary District of Stocksbridge
The Village of Stocksbridge
The Parlimentary Division of Hallamshire and to top it all :-)
The Ecclesiastical Parish or District of St. John's Penistone.

And in 1891 the younger children are listed as born in Stocksbridge :-)

Dwelling: Horner Houses
Census Place: Bradfield, York, England
Source: FHL Film 1342116 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 4620 Folio 66 Page 18
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
James CHARLESWORTH M 38 M Wooldales, York, England
Rel: Head
Occ: Forman Wire Drawer
Mary CHARLESWORTH M 35 F Hathersage, Derby, England
Rel: Wife
Emma CHARLESWORTH U 17 F Penistone, York, England
Rel: Daur
Occ: Employed In Umbrella Work
Annie E. CHARLESWORTH 13 F Penistone, York, England
Rel: Daur
Occ: Employed In Umbrella Work
John CHARLESWORTH 10 M Penistone, York, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar
Joseph H. CHARLESWORTH 8 M Bradfield, York, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar
Fred W. CHARLESWORTH 6 M Bradfield, York, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar
Arthur CHARLESWORTH 4 M Bradfield, York, England
Rel: Son
Winifred CHARLESWORTH 3 F Bradfield, York, England
Rel: Daur
Mary L. CHARLESWORTH 1 F Bradfield, York, England
Rel: Daur

Henry Crawshaw and Elizabeth Wilson. of  Fairhouse  Low Bradfield 

Henry was the third child and eldest son of George and Elizabeth Crawshaw  of Bradfield Dale .

He was born at Lane Head, Bradfield Dale and baptised at Bradfield Church on the 10th of March 1861.

He married Elizabeth Wilson at Bradfield Church on the 13th August 1890. She was a daughter of  Henry and Mary Ann Wilson of Bradfield Dale.

                     Family of  Henry and Elizabeth 

Eldest child  Caroline baptised at Bradfield on November 4th 1894

Arthur             baptised at Bradfield on November 4th 1894,

Fred              “”       “       “            “      “             “      “

Maria                “         “       “            “  July 8th 1900 aged 3years old.

Harry               “          “       “                  “    “       “

Willie (Billy)     baptised at Bradfield  May 5th 1901.

Doris                       “           “           November 11th 1906

Bernard                “          “                  “             “       “

May  [still living]