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Old maps of the area

Great site here for photos of the surrounding area

Photos of the church-yard taken Aug. 2000  

Great site for photos  Use the advanced search for photos within 10 km of Bolsterstone

Beautiful photos here from a local artist

Photographs taken by Ashley James PEACE in September 2005. There are two pictures of St. Mary's Church, one of Walder's Low, one of a cottage adjacent to the common with old stone mullion windows, one of Porter's Lodge (with three close-ups - one of the plaque, one of the door, and one of the arch), and a picture of Bolsterstone and surrounds taken from Walder's Low. 

ajp1.JPG (789179 Byte)   ajp2.JPG (780834 Byte)

ajp3.JPG (1021961 Byte)   ajp9.JPG (1042268 Byte)

ajp4.JPG (1008514 Byte)

ajp5.JPG (1055734 Byte)   ajp6.JPG (1065595 Byte)   ajp8.JPG (1015535 Byte)   ajp7.JPG (147848 Byte)

Bolsterstone church.jpg (28558 Byte)  Bolsterstone old chapel in 1859 ("Bland's Church")
bolstschool.jpg (167292 Byte)
  Bolsterstone National School (Built 1852)
bolstsong.jpg (366524 Byte)
   The church and a special version of "On Ilkley Moor Baht 'at" ...      100kb

Contributed by Claire Pearson.

A 127 J  E At Castle Bolsterstone. 18 June 2000.JPG (69668 Byte) A 128 At Castle Bolsterstone. 18 June 2000.JPG (61576 Byte)   A 129 In The Castle Bolsterstone. 18 June 2000.JPG (60588 Byte)
The Castle Inn .. inside and out .. 
Peter Dewsnap

Mathias.jpg (19062 Byte)


The church of St. Matthias in Stocksbridge. Opened 1 November 1890. 

Richard Tetley

These photos of Bolsterstone were all taken by Eric Johnson. Click for a better view :-)

bol1.jpg (101738 Byte)  Taken from the path from Hollin Busk  bol2.jpg (132077 Byte)  ... end of the above path.


These 4 photos were all taken from the same spot.

 bol3.jpg (98021 Byte)                        bol4.jpg (116174 Byte)

The Castle Inn, looking north.      The church, looking west.

bol5.jpg (116356 Byte)                          bol6.jpg (114942 Byte)

the end of Heads Lane, 
looking southwest.                        Waldens Lane, looking east.

bol7.jpg (132733 Byte)                          bol8.jpg (135629 Byte)          

The other end of Waldens Lane,   The church from Heads Lane, looking north.
looking west

bol-me.jpg (92212 Byte)   The photographer having a well earned rest :-)

These photos taken by Richard Tetley in the summer of 2000

RTCott4.jpg (35215 Byte) Cottages

RTMainst1.jpg (29074 Byte) Main Street

RTStmary.jpg (37142 Byte) St. Mary's church (built 1879)

RTWaldlane.jpg (34840 Byte) The porter's lodge

RTSign.jpg (51659 Byte) Porter's Lodge. Bolsterstone Castle Supposed date of doorway A.D. 1250

Richard Tetley

A drive round the Ewden Valley .. August 2000

Valley.jpg (25611 Byte)   Valley3.jpg (24360 Byte)

conyards.jpg (40053 Byte)

Canyards (I think !!)

NewMillbridge2.jpg (33998 Byte)   NewMillbridge3.jpg (31164 Byte)  

New Mill Bridge

sunnybank.jpg (24797 Byte)       SunnyBankFarm1.jpg (30090 Byte)

Sunny Bank Farm

Wigtwizzle.jpg (26969 Byte)

Wigtwizzle ...  no it can't be !! help

More to come .....