The 2870 people christened at Bolsterstone and Midhope 
between the 7th. of February 1778 and the 21st. January 1872 and their parents.

Marriages I've transcribed to date (including parent's names)

Burials I've transcribed to date (including parent's names and/or abode)

People I've found in the 1841-1901 census

Records of christenings and burials 1691-1777 from the Chapelry Transcripts and

(due to a bit of a mix-up) my very wide family tree

are now at

RootsWeb's World Connect

(In the mean-time there are now over 15,000 people listed)

which makes it easier and quicker for me to update the files once a week 
and you can help by adding "post-it" notes to the individuals.

Note: there are also nearly 700 SHAW from the Bradfield area .. and 100s of HAIGH from the Huddersfield area
any help sorting them out would be very welcome.

I hope you will benefit from the information I present here but
check the original documents.

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