How to ...... search the on-line IGI 

for more information about christenings at St. Mary's church in Bolsterstone.  

This link  opens another browser window so you can switch between pages :-)


Using the example "Shaw" fill in the fields "Last Name", "Region" and "Batch Number" as below.

After clicking "Search" you will have a list of 68 matches.

Clicking on "3. Henry SHAW" for example will bring you this screen.

So now you know the names of his parents !!

Going back to the search screen and entering "John" as the father and Hannah as mother brings

a list of 8 people with parents John and Hannah/Ann.

This way you maybe lucky enough to find siblings of Henry.

Click on each name for more information .. for example Mary has mother Ann SMITH .. 
James SHAW from 1821 has mother Hannah GARSIDE so they don't belong but the others seem to.
Then order the original records to find out more

The Batch Nr. C106311 is for christenings between 1813 and 1872