Quite a few people have written and asked me whether the Village of Bolsterstone could be the origin of the surname BOLDERSTONE .. not that I know of .. I had a look on the IGI for some of the oldest mentions of the name (there were in fact only 221 records) 

Bolsters (or bowsters). The projecting shoulder of metal on a table knife where it is inserted into the handle.

Bolster Stone. A narrow grindstone of very hard grit for grinding the bolsters of table knives .....  

Some births from the IGI
Name Born Town county Father Mother
BOLDERSTONE, Law   05 Sep 1568 Great Waltham Essex Will BOLDERSTONE  
BOLDERSTONE, Bennett_   13 Dec 1584 Chislet Kent Ambrose BOLDERSTONE  
BOLDERSTONE, Johan_   30 Nov 1585 Chislet Kent Ambrose BOLDERSTONE  
BOLDERSTON, Margreat   31 Jan 1601 Lancaster Lancashire Jo. BOLDERSTON  
BOLDERSTONE, Margaret c __ ___ 1605 Of Ingleton Yorkshire    
BOLDERSTON, Margaret c __ ___ 1608 Of Lancaster Lancashire    
BOLDERSTONE, Dorothy c __ ___ 1624 Of Hogsthorpe Lincoln    
BOLDERSTON, Peter   25 Jun 1625 Bolton Upon Dearne Yorkshire John BOLDERSTON  
BOLDERSTON, Willm   06 Jul 1634 Bolton Upon Dearne Yorkshire John BOLDERSTON  
BOLDERSTON, Doriti   24 Sep 1637 Bolton Upon Dearne Yorkshire John BOLDERSTON  
BOLDERSTON, John   24 Jun 1676 Mirfield Yorkshire John BOLDERSTON  
BOLDERSTONE, Susan   26 Mar 1689 Southwark London Benj BOLDERSTONE Mary
BOLDERTON, Ann   26 Nov 1694 Sempringham Lincoln John BOLDERTON Elizabeth

Some marriages:

Date Groom Bride Town County
__ ___ 1464 PILKINGTON, John BOLDERSTON, Joan Sowerby Yorkshire
__ ___ 1548   BOLDERSTON, Elizabeth Ips. Northumberland
14 Jul 1559 BOLDERSTONE, Wm. WALLER, Jane Tatham Lancashire
02 Jan 1588 WILKES, Richard BOLDERSTONE, Mercy Chislet Kent
20 Aug 1594 WILDMAN, Thomas BOLDERSTONE, Jennet Tatham Lancashire
01 Nov 1597 BOLDERSTONE, John BULMAN, Mary Chislet Kent
25 Jun 1599 CLIFTON, Martin BOLDERSTON, Ales Lancaster Lancashire
21 Jan 1626 GILBERT, Edward BOLDERSTONE, Sara Chislet Kent
11 May 1626 BOLDERSTON, Bryan SAWER, Margret Theddlethorpe Lincoln
30 Nov 1626 WHARFE, Allen BOLDERSTONE, Margaret Ingleton Yorkshire
06 Feb 1629 COOKE, John BOLDERSTON, Margaret Lancaster Lancashire
08 Jan 1645 MERRILL, Daniel BOLDERSTONE, Dorothy Hogsthorpe Lincoln
20 Apr 1662 RAMSHAWE, Mathew BOLDERSTONE, Judith Canterbury Kent
19 Sep 1674 BOLDERSTON, John SHEPLEY, Mary Mirfield Yorkshire
06 Apr 1686 BOLDERSTON, Gulielmu LUND, Jane Braithwell Yorkshire